We all want healthy, home-cooked meals— 
but that's not always possible. 
I am here to help.

feel good about your food!




The Highest standards 

No matter whether it's the fresh—not frozen!!— meals I prepare for your weekly dinners or the dishes I make for your private parties, my focus is on quality. I use as much local, seasonal and organic product as possible—and I prefer to source sustainable meats and seafood. All that said, when you hire a personal chef, the control is yours—and I will use your preferred shops. 


Professional chef

Hi! I'm Lisa, the owner/chef of Monday Night Meal Company. Many personal chefs you come across are seasoned home cooks, or cooks who worked for years in corporate establishments. Not me! I'm a grad of the prestigious Stratford Chef School, and I have worked in the foodservice industry for more than 15 years. You can read more about my experience by clicking on the Chef tab in the main navigation bar. 

customized services 

I offer a unique combination of culinary services, including weekly meal planning and preparation (grocery shopping is included!), private cooking classes and catering. You and I work together to set up a customized plan that suits your needs. This process begins with a consultation, and then I get to know you, your family, if applicable, and your kitchen! 

Why hire a Personal Chef?


Perhaps you are working toward a specific goal, such as weight loss. Perhaps you can't (or don't want) to eat gluten, sugar, dairy or meat. Perhaps the only veggies you get each week are the ones you find on a take-out pizza, or in the prepared meals you buy from Loblaws and you want to change that. Maybe you just don't have the time, or the desire, to cook delicious and nutritious meals from scratch, but you still want to eat in a way that nourishes your body—and as a bonus, supports the local economy and sustainable agriculture. I can help you with all of the above.

When you buy take-out food, or prepared meals from the grocery store or a meal-delivery service, you give up your control. You can't control the quality or freshness, and therefore nutritional value, of the ingredients used. You can't control the source of the ingredients either. Did that summer lettuce come from Ontario or California? Is that chicken from a local farm or a big box grocery store? But more importantly, there is little room for customization. You don't get to communicate that you would prefer green beans over zucchini, or coconut oil over butter, or butter over coconut oil in Wednesday's stir fry. You can't sit and have a long chat with the chef about what your schedule is like for the week, and what sorts of things you, and maybe your family, might want and need to eat. You don't have the option of having a personal chef working closely with your nutritionist to support a program in which you've invested time and money for your personal well being. 


What does a Personal Chef do?

Here's what happens when you hire me as a Personal Chef:

  • We have a  quick phone or email consultation, and you complete a questionnaire about your food preferences, dietary requirements or restrictions, eating habits etc.
  • We meet in person, preferably at your home, to discuss the questionnaire, get to know one another, and so that I can familiarize myself with your kitchen and your culinary tools; we set a date for services to begin
  • I come up with your first menu and submit it to you for approval
  • The day of service, I buy all the required groceries en route to your home. Generally I shop at particular grocers, but will happily shop anywhere you prefer 
  • At your home—you can be present or away—I cook your fresh, not frozen, meals for the week, store them in containers (which I will bring) and label them clearly with reheating or preparation instructions, and the shelf life
  • I clean your kitchen so that you can come home to a tidy, stress-free home 

Private cooking classes with a Personal Chef ... in your own home! 

Within my Personal Chef services, I also offer private cooking classes, taught in your home with your own tools (and fancy tools from my own arsenal, too). Learn new skills or explore regional cuisines. Whether it's perfecting a chiffonade or making a mean Mexican meal, you will have fun, learn tons of tricks and tips, and then sit down in style to enjoy all of the wonderful food you made! 

All Personal Chef services begin with a free consultation. Book yours today! 



Just because Monday Night is in the name ...


Doesn't mean I don't do weekends. On the contrary. I love a good party, and I love it even more when a good party has amazing food. I do cocktail parties, kitchen parties, formal or intimate dinners, special events (weddings, birthdays etc), and even cottage catering. Please call or send  an email and let's talk about making your event perfect!